Instagram Canada’s new layout has some users angry.

Many don’t seem to be happy.

Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms nowadays, so it’s no surprise that whenever a modification involves the app, people are going to have thoughts concerning it. Their latest update is no exception. Instagram recently modified the design of their layout, however not everyone seems to be happy about it. Instagram Canada’s New Layout has some users angry. So far, it’s been getting quite a bit of hate on the internet.

Instagram has quietly updated the layout on their app. With the new modification, when you visit a profile, the option to click on a button to scroll through an account is no longer out there. Instead, you can either click individually on each image or see their tagged photos.

However, the scroll isn’t fully gone. When you click into a picture on a profile, you’ve got the choice to scroll up and down. Thus you can still scroll through photographs on the account rather than tapping into each photo singly.

On top of this, the following and message button are currently beneath the profile bio and directly above the photographs, as opposed to under the amount of followers and posts, like it was previously.
So far, it looks like the modification has not been unrolled to all users. Some of the people saw the new layout update on their phone so far, however others haven’t.

This past spring, Instagram unrolled a brand new “private likes” test in Canada that got rid of total likes, which means users might no longer see how many likes other people’s posts received. The corporate was praised by many for the move.

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